Wineries in Northern Greece - Siatista & Velvendo

The hidden gems of Western Macedonia!

Siatista - The lady of the hill

My personal wine tour in Northern Greece led me to Siatista where I visited Dio Fili Winery. I was enchanted by the welcome and by the wines they produce from the local varieties and more specifically the renowned local sweet wine that has a long tradition in the area. It comes from Xinomavro and Moschomavro varieties and it ages many years in oak barrels before it becomes the famous “Liasto Siatistas”. The winery resembles the local traditional houses and is located at the edge of the city with a magnificent view of the hills and the plain. After the winery visit, take a stroll around the Yerania neighborhood and admire the old mansions, as Siatista in the 19th century was a wealthy city due to commerce in Western Europe. The mansion of Poulko is a gem, with lavish frescoes, exquisite wood paintings and amazing stained glass windows. Next to it stands the servants house that holds a unique collection of artifacts and utensils used back in the days.

Velvendo - The secret garden by the lake

The same day I visited Velvendo. To reach the area I drove through Servia bridge, a really Impressive drive! This blessed country at the foothills of Pieria grows not only the famous and delicious peaches but also the local grape variety Tsapournakos. The exceptional microclimate of this territory is most beneficial for the vines that give their best in this land tucked away between the lake and the mountains.

First I stopped at Kamkoutis Winery and met Thomas, the 4th generation of winemakers, in this family run establishment. It was a magnificent spring day with the vines at our feet, clear skyes and the lake shimmering in the background. The vineyards grow the Greek varieties, Malagouzia, Xinomavro and of course the “local hero” Tsapournakos but also Chardonnay, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet-Franc. Take a stroll around the estate and enjoy a wine tasting in the cozy area of the “onda”.

Just around the corner you will find Ktima Voyatzi, a modern building with fine lines. The vineyards almost touch the lake and benefit from the light breeze of Pieria mountain. Your wine tour will take you also to the observation balcony that suspends over the vines, it’s quite remarkable ! An audiovisual presentation of winemakers' philosophy and vision, the history of the region and of the family is part of the tour. The wine tasting takes place in a beautiful area that watches over the lake. Choose to taste the local varieties and rest assured that here the wines are crafted with the utmost knowledge, talent and passion.

To finish your wine tour I would recommend lunch in one of the local tavernas. Try the local specialities and of course… the wine!

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Whether you are looking for a scheduled wine tasting visit to a nearby vineyard or you want to experience a more adventurous day trip, find your personalised wine tour here and create a new lifetime memory!