PDO & PGI Regions of North Greece

The vineyards of North Greece spread from the plateau of Macedonia to the plains of Thrace and from the foothills of Mount Olympus to the most mountainous vines in Epirus. Experience the uniqueness of these terroirs and taste the diverse wines these regions have to offer.

PDO: Protected Designation of Origin, PGI: Protected Geographical Indication

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Each wine’s unique personality owing to North Greece’s diversity of landscapes, will lead you to new and exciting tasting journeys.

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PDO Amynteon

PDO Amynteon (est. 1972) lies around lake Vegoritida. Climate is mostly continental with low temperatures and heavy snowfalls in the winter, whereas north winds are rather frequent in the summer. The following types of wines are recognised as PDO Amynteon: Red and rosé, dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet as well as naturally sparkling rose, dry and semi-sweet.

Vineyard building and lake
Vineyards and mountain

PDO Goumenissa

Established in 1979, the zone extends on the southeastern foothills of Mount Paiko. The red PDO Goumenissa contains more than 20% Negoska and its alcoholic strength is at least 11.5% vol. It is left to mature for at least a year in small oak barrels and is deep-coloured with a fruity bouquet and subtle taste.

PDO Zitsa

Located in Epirus, the zone (est.1972) concerns white wines, V.Q.P.R.D. still and dry, and V.M.Q.P.R.D. naturally sparkling, dry and semi-sweet, exclusively made from the Debina variety. The wine-growing area of Zitsa includes community vineyards in the Ioannina prefecture, at an altitude of 700m and their yield does not exceed 10.000kg per hectare.


PDO Naoussa

This region, established in1971, lies around the town of Naoussa and concerns red wines made of Xinomavro grapes. The area is known for its cold north winds in the winter, frequent rainfall throughout the year, and droughts in the summer. The dry red PDO Naoussa is ruby-coloured, with a complex bouquet of red fruit and spices and a rich and smooth taste.

PDO Meliton Slopes

This region (est.1982) is located in Halkidiki, on the slopes of Mount Meliton and gives white and red dry wines.The climate is dry and hot, but the vineyards` proximity to the sea and the presence of trees that constitute a natural barrier trapping the evening`s atmospheric moisture, establishes a balance in the warm summer days.


PDO Rapsani

This region (est.1971) lies on the foothills of Mount Olympus and produces dry red wines that are made from Xinomavro, Stavroto and Krasato grapes that are left to age in oak barrels for at least one year. The red wine is deep-coloured with a complex bouquet of red fruit and a full-bodied palate that has soft tannins and a long finish.

PGI Macedonia

This region (est.1989) includes the following 13 districts: Grevena, Drama, Imathia, Thessaloniki, Kavala, Kastoria, Kilkis, Kozani, Pella, Pieria, Serres, Florina, Halkidiki. These regions span in a big geographical longitude and have many differences, however the common characteristic of Macedonia region is the dominance of the red variety Xinomavro that produces medium dry or medium sweet wines, mostly reds.


PGI Ismaros

In the district of Rodopi, in the northeastern region of Thrace, the PGI Ismaros zone, (est.1997), includes the districts of Maronia, Xylagani and Proskynites of the Maronia municipality and the areas of Kromvyli, Sappes and Strymi in the municipality of Sappes. Winemaking in this area dates back thousands of years and is mentioned in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.

PGI Epirus

This zone (est.2000) includes four districts: Arta, Ioannina, Thesprotia and Preveza, which constitute an autonomous viticultural region. The most extensive terroirs are in the area of Metsovo and north Tzoumerka, at altitudes of about 1100 m -the highest hosting vineyards in the country. The main grape varieties are the white Debina and the reds Vlachiko and Bekiari.


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