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Immerse in Xinomavro grapes

Goumenissa is a wine region located only 90km northeast of Thessaloniki. It is renowned for PDO wine crafted from Xinomavro with a minimum of 20% Negoska grapes, spotlighting its distinct viticultural heritage.

Goumenissa wine history

A wine tour of the small, family-run wineries of the area, will immerse you to the rich history and tradition of winemaking of the Goumenissa region, which is truly fascinating. The story of how the winemakers' ancestors brought their legacy and love for winemaking from Ano Vodena in East Romilia (modern-day eastern Bulgaria) adds a unique aspect to the local wine culture. The fact that they were committed to bring root stocks wrapped in wet blankets during their immigration shows the importance of wine in their lives and their dedication in preserving their winemaking heritage.

As they also brought the "Kourbani" festival, dedicated to Saint Tryfon, the patron saint of wine growers, further highlights the deep connection between the people of the region and their vineyards. This festival likely holds a special place in the hearts of the community, celebrating not only their religious beliefs but also their cultural identity as wine growers.

Mikro Ktima Titos

Our journey will start at "Mikros Ktima Titos," a historic winery founded by the late Titos Eftihidis, which found new life under Biblia Chora's ownership after 2018. Nestled within the enchanting "Two Rivers'' region, amidst a verdant forest, this small estate underwent a comprehensive renovation. The charming interior now houses a delightful tasting area, while a veranda overlooks vines cocooned by the lush woodland. Here, indigenous grape varieties thrive under meticulous organic cultivation, with hand-harvesting as the norm. The synergy of nature, viticulture, and architectural transformation create a captivating haven for wine enthusiasts, celebrating the past while embracing a sustainable future.

Tatsis Winery

At "Tatsis Winery," the ancestral journey that began in 1924 from Ano Vodena thrives through brothers Periklis and Stergios. Periklis's dedication to the land and vineyards complements Stergios's winemaking prowess, although their roles often blend in this familial endeavor. Certified organic, the wines reflect a biodynamic philosophy. Intriguing experimentation is their hallmark, seen in prolonged macerations of the indigenous Xinomavro grape.

Tatsis brothers embody both tradition and innovation in Greece's wine scene, unconcerned with conformity. When you visit, the wine tasting becomes a journey that might unfold over three hours, as Stergios generously shares bottle after bottle, inviting you to savor each one. In this haven of genuine craftsmanship, time slows, and the flavors tell stories of heritage, daring, and a deep-rooted passion for winemaking.

Chatzivarity Winery

Last but not least, we visit "Chatzivarity Winery". Here, wines emerge untouched by intervention, a canvas for Chloe's inventive exploration. Her audacious spirit embraces novel techniques like petnat (pétillant naturel) and carbonic maceration.

Chloe's zest for perfection shows in every bottle. At wine tastings, she introduces a unique game of her invention, centered around wine—an embodiment of her unconstrained approach. The wines are mainly from the Greek varieties such as Xinomavro, Negoska, Roditis, and Assyrtiko but also some international ones.

This sanctuary is more than a winery; it's a playground for the senses, where tradition and innovation dance in harmony. Chloe's wines encapsulate her dedication and risk-taking spirit, echoing the family's legacy while painting new horizons in winemaking. A visit to "Chatzivarity Winery" promises not just a tasting, but an immersive experience, where you're invited to be part of the artistry that flows from vine to glass.

When visiting the Goumenissa region for a wine tour, understanding the historical context and the stories behind the winemakers' heritage can enrich your experience. It's an opportunity to not only savor the flavors of the local wines but also to connect with the people, traditions, and history that have shaped the region's winemaking legacy.

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