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From the mountainous and arid Siatista with the unique ‘Iliasto’ wine, to the lakeside of Velvendos plains, this journey promises unique experiences.

In Siatista a family winery revives the old exclusive wine of the area from the local varieties Moschomavro and Xinomavro that is left to dry for 60 days. Sweet as her wine, Georgia the owner, will take you on a trip full of history and then in her cosy traditional salon, will offer you a taste of this sweet wine full of aromas.

The little town of Siatista, hidden in the arid mountains, has been one of the most prosperous towns from the 17th to the 19th century, due to the production and trade of leather, fur and cotton. During the prosperous years many mansions were erected and are still standing tall today. One of them is the magnificent Mansion of Poulko, full of ornaments, painted walls, and tinted windows that date back to 1800. Right next to it, is the servants quarters, a small building, renovated with love by a local couple with personal means and labour, that is full with everyday and unique objects from previous centuries.

A scenic drive through the prairies and the Polifitos lake bridge will take you to marvellous Velvendo county, the land of vines and peach trees. Tucked between the lake and the mountains, this region is a rare jewel.

There are two wineries worth visiting, both boutique and family run by 3rd and 4th generation winemakers. Joyous people with love for the land and commitment to their legacy.

During summer, this land offers the most precious fruit, the delicious peaches of Velvendo, famous around the world. We can stroll around the peach trees and then visit the local cooperative to learn everything about the peach!

Close to the village of Velvendo but well hidden by the beech and plane trees is “Skepasmeno Waterfall”. A short scenic walk under the thick shade of the beech trees and by the water canal is quite rejuvenating.

At the end of the trip you can enjoy a typical Greek lunch under the plane tree by a picturesque little square.

All can be arranged, all you need is time and high spirits!

Contact us, and we can design a custom and memorable itinerary specifically tailored for you, your friends and your family.

Wine Tour Experiences

  • Dio Fili Winery
  • Kamkouti Vineyards
  • Voyatzis Winery
  • Traditional Mansion of Poulko
  • Skepasmeno Waterfalls
  • Peach Retreat
  • Lunch

Wine Tour Overview

    PGI Velvento & PGI Siatista
    Your choice
    Your choice
  • MEAL
    Your choice
    All year
    9 hours maximum
    Private journeys or Groups up to 15 people
    Greek / English / French

Contact Wine Odyssey for pricing as each experience is customised and estimated according to the details of each journey.

Wine Tour Experiences

Dio Fili Winery

This boutique winery is owned by Georgia & Ioannis whose aim is to revive a centuries old wine tradition of the unique “Iliasto wine” wine that is left to dry in open air but not under the sun, for 60 days. It’s made exclusively from the Greek varieties Xinomavro and Moschomavro. In their beautiful winery built as a local tradition mansion they work together respecting their ancestors heritage and love for the vine. Georgia will guide us through the winery and the wine’s history, then we will taste the famous Iliasto wine whilst taking in the beautiful panoramic views.

Two wooden windows with bench

Traditional Mansion of Poulko

The construction of this unique traditional mansion started in 1752 by a wealthy merchant and was finished in 1952.

The structure is characteristic of local architecture and has unique wooden ornamentation, exquisite colourful wooden ceilings and painted walls. It is definitely not to be missed. An expert guide will reveal the mansion’s history throughout the centuries.

Traditional roof and windows

Kamkouti Vineyards

The 3rd and 4rth generation of Kamkoutis family continue cultivating their own vines in order to produce wines, respecting history, values, nature and heritage.

This hilly and mountainous viticulturist area between the lake and the mountains has an exceptional microclimate, fertile and diverse soils formed from old geological sediments and good soil drainage. All these characteristics produce the high quality wines of PGI Velventos.

This charming small winery and the beautiful people will welcome you for a tour and tasting of their wines. We shall not forget to taste the excellent liqueur father Kamkoutis makes out of their grapes.

Wine barrels and wine racks

Voyatzis Winery

The Voyatzis family enjoys a long heritage as wine merchants, documented since the early 20th century.

Members of the third family generation, Yannis, who has studied oenology at the University of Bordeaux, France and has substantial experience in the Greek wine production, along with his brother, Nico, who is an engineer, and their father, Harissis, decided to return to Velvento and establish a new, privately owned vineyard.

A modern 3-hectare vineyard was created by the lake, located in an old vineyard of the Voyatzis family. Designed to produce quality wines of a distinctive character, it was planted with local and other varieties during 1991-1994.

The winery itself, a lean and modern building, hosts the winemaking areas and our tasting will take place in the unique tasting room that literally “floats” over the vines and the lake.

Vine with lake background

Skepasmeno Waterfalls

A 20 min walk on a paved path by the canal, which was built by the locals in the '50s in order to irrigate their crops. A beautiful stroll under the perfect shade of the beech and plane trees we arrive at a plateau where the river runs at your feet ! On the way back we will stop at the wooden kiosk with the panoramic view of the waterfall.

Paved trail by water canal


We will have lunch in a taverna under the plane tree and taste delicious local food and of course the wines of the area.

Meats on grill

Peach Retreat - summer only

Velvendo is famous for its juicy peaches ! We can wander around the peach trees and then visit the local cooperative and learn all about the peaches.

Peach trees about the bloom

Contact Wine Odyssey for pricing as each experience is customised and estimated according to the details of each journey.


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  • All tailor made arrangements


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  • Gratuities


Useful Details

  • Sneakers or walking shoes are advisable.
  • Covid 19 health certificate may be required.
  • Health & safety measures apply


Payment & Cancellation

We focus on our guests and their specific needs, so the price is always customised and estimated after the selection of each trip's experiences.
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  • Final payment: 4 days before the journey
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