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Maybe you have limited time (or maybe you have plenty of time) and want to experience something different, on your wine tasting journey? Enjoy a swim, a hike, culture or… sky's the limit!

Between the mountains of Drama and the sandy beaches of Kavala, this region is famous amongst others for the wines and the gastronomic adventures. Chosen by the kings of Macedon, for the fertile land (the region has grown vines since antiquity), it will not disappoint even the most avid traveller!

Many beautiful wineries are situated in this area. Some are small and charming, others are larger and more prominent, but they all produce fine wines from Greek and international varieties. These winemakers all have one thing in common, in Greece we call it “meraki” which means to do something with passion, devotion, enthusiasm and complete love.

Let us guide you through this region's wineries by just giving us a call!

If you are interested in archaeology, we suggest visiting the ancient city of Philippi named after Alexander the Great’s Father, the king of Macedon. The nearby ancient theatre of Philippi still hosts theatrical plays, dance performances and music events every summer.

Another unique experience is the visit to “Moustheni Farm” , a small farm run by Apostolos and his wife. Here the French ladies, as Apostolos calls his Alpine breed of goats, produce the treasured milk that makes the organic products that he sells to local markets in the area. They also offer a range of activities such as making your own cheese or Greek cooking lessons. Lunch is also offered under a walnut tree, in the garden that rests at the feet of Mount Pangeon.

After wine tasting, maybe all you want to do is lie on the beach and then head to a nearby taverna. Here you can savour fresh fish and perhaps more wine or Tsipouro (the famous Greek grapa of the area). Let us take you on a tasting journey of the Aegean.

All this can be arranged and all you need is time and desire!

Contact us, and we will design a customised and memorable itinerary specifically created for you, your friends and your family.

Wine Tour Experiences

  • Château Nico Lazaridi
  • Oenops wines
  • Ktima Pavlidis
  • Ktima Biblia Chora Winery
  • Ktima Chatzigeorgiou
  • Tsikrikonis Winery
  • Oenogenesis Winery
  • Cave of Aggitis River
  • Women’s Cooperation of Kokkinogia
  • Moustheni Dairy Farm
  • Lunch by the sea
  • Lunch in Drama city
  • Dive into the Big Blue

Wine Tour Overview

    PGI Drama & PGI Kavala & PGI Pangeon
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  • MEAL
    Your choice
    All year
    9 hours maximum
    Private journeys or Groups up to 15 people
    Greek / English / French

Contact Wine Odyssey for pricing as each experience is customised and estimated according to the details of each journey.

Wine Tour Experiences

Château Nico Lazaridi

Nicos Lazaridis, a successful entrepreneur in the field of marble production, never hid his love for wine, a love that grew to become a business.

Château Nico Lazaridi gave another dimension to the world of Greek wine. Inside the winery, the famous “Magic Mountain Gallery“ was created to host the works of all the artists who created labels for the iconic brand. Château Lazaridi’s public areas are also filled with paintings and sculptures, in an eternal dialogue between wine, brush and chisel.

Nikos Lazaridis charted the path in search for perfection, giving the baton to the next generation who will carry on his legacy.

We will start our visit in the art gallery and walk throughout the winery that is surrounded by vineyards. Our wine tasting will take place in an impressive subterranean cellar.

Vineyards and building in the far back

Oenops wines

OENOPS WINES was founded in late 2015 by the winemaker, Nikos Karatzas, in the region of Drama. This charming winery is unique and innovative. Oenops Wines has worked exclusively with Greek varieties, coming from old vineyards of exceptional terroirs and diverse regions. They produce wines that stay honest to the variety and the place they come from.

Their approach in the winery is also based on minimal intervention and environmentally friendly techniques. They work in detail to respect every vineyard’s profile. We will be shown around this boutique winery and taste some of their authentic wines.

Close up of a clay amphorae

Ktima Pavlidis Winery

Pavlidis Estate is situated in the region of Drama, in a narrow valley just below Mount Falakro. The winery was founded in 1998 by Christoforos Pavlidis after a long search of suitable sites for quality grape growing.

The aim of Pavlidis Estate is the production of premium wines, with pleasing aroma and flavour characteristics. These wines have a distinct and recognizable character.

To fulfil this goal, the Estate has planted 60 hectares of privately-owned vineyards in order to achieve complete control of the quality of its production. In these vineyards, Greek and international grape varieties grow with the aim to reveal the unique characteristics of the region (a terroir used from antiquity until today for vine cultivation).

We will have a guided tour of the winery and then visit the mystical gallery by the cellars for a tasting of their widely recognized wines.

Vineyards and winery building

Ktima Biblia Chora Winery

Ktima Biblia Chora, is situated in the hills of Mount Pangeon. This mountain is the guardian of a great Greek legacy of grape pressing and winemaking that goes back to the Neolithic period (cc. 4300 AD). This is evidenced by the archaeological artefacts found at the prehistoric settlement of Dikili Tash in the fertile Philippi valley.

The ancient winegrowing heritage, ideal soil and climatic conditions caught the attention of winemakers Vangelis Gerovassiliou and Vassilis Tsaktsarlis. The region inspired both men to establish a new estate in Pangeon, which they decided to name “Ktima Biblia Chora” (ktima=estate).

The history behind the name is: When the Phoenicians, master seafarers and traders, came to Pangeon in search of precious metals, they inevitably helped spread vine cultivars and established the art of winemaking. With them they brought a sacred vine known as “Biblia Ampelos” from the port city of Byblos in Phoenicia.

The Ancient Greeks continued producing a wine from it called “Biblinos Oenos”, so justifiably, the Pangeon region developed into a famous winegrowing centre. It was known throughout all of Ancient Greece as “Biblia Chora” mentioned in ancient writings by Hesiod, Theoktitos and Michael Psellos.

We will tour their impressive winery situated amid the vines and enjoy our wine tasting admiring the beautiful cellar.

Front loan and building

Ktima Chatzigeorgiou Winery

Just a few hundred metres from the sea, this charming little winery counts 3 generations of winemakers. Grandson Vassilis has been running the winery since 2006 and has adopted environmentally friendly techniques for his vines. A walk through the vines and a tasting on the beautiful terrace will complete the experience.

Glimpse of Building

Tsikrikonis Winery

A family winery that was established in the 1950s by Theodori’s grandfather. He planted 50 acres of local varieties, such as, Rozaki, Moschato and Boyiamades. Now the grandchildren continue the family tradition by planting only greek varieties and making wines with caracter. Along with his sister, they recently started operating a traditional guest house in the village of Mirtofito. Young, full of energy and ideas, Theodoris will take us on a tour of the newly built winery. We will taste his wines on the balcony with a spectacular view of the bay.


Oenogenesis Winery

Bakis Tsalkos leads Alexandre Tsalkos down the secret path of successful wine production.His young successor is studying in France, and is possessed by his father’s creative spirit.

The winery, a large 4,000 sq m stone building, was architecturally inspired by the Old Macedonian Mansions. It is a state-of-the-art winemaking facility, designed to produce “large” wines with very high standards at all stages of the winemaking process. Wines with “consistency and continuity in time”.

You will visit the vast and beautiful public areas of the winery with uninterrupted views. In the special tasting area you will experience the Oenogenesis (=birth of wine) wines.

Traditional building

Cave of Aggitis River

It is the only river cave existing in Greece, as well as the largest (in length and volume)!

We will have a guided tour of the great chamber that is 500 m length and is full of stalactites, some of which have a diameter of 2m and touch the surface of the water. The colours in the stalactites are due to the presence of minerals found in the area, such as manganese, iron, copper.

Because of high humidity and a constant 17 degrees Celsius all year, a light jacket is definitely needed during the summer months.

Cave with stalagmites and stalactites

Women’s Cooperative of Kokkinogia

The Women's cooperative of this small village produces many delicacies. They make traditional Greek pasta, sweets, and pies.

During our visit, we will watch them in action, making pies, pasta or marmalade. They may even tell you their secret recipes!

Two packets of pasta

Visit to Moustheni Dairy Farm

Apostolos and his wife have continued the legacy of the family farm with deep respect for tradition and nature. They have transformed the farm to a beautiful place open to curious travellers, where one can experience cheese making, cooking one's own breakfast or lunch from the products of the farm and nearby producers. Of course before you get your hands “dirty” you have to meet the “French ladies” as Apostolos calls his Alpine breed goats. A unique experience at the foothills of Mount Pangeon.

Goats in field

Lunch by the sea or in the mountains

If you are a lover of seafood, this is the place to be! Recommended taverns offer fresh fish that is sourced directly from local fishermen, the ideal “sea to plate” philosophy!

There are also some hidden gems under the plane trees up in the mountains with food that will delight you!

Anchovies on grill

Lunch in Drama city

Well known for the dynamic tobacco merchants that have thrived in the city since the early 20th century, it is now a hub teeming with bars, cafes and delicious restaurants. We will have a typical Greek lunch that will be accompanied by the local wines of the region.

A plate with tradition Greek village salad

Dive into the Big Blue

Sandy beaches and crystal clear waters entice you to enjoy the rest of your day at laid back or trendy beach bar. I am sure we will find the one that fits your personality! The summer beach bar has been integrated into modern Greek culture and is the ultimate experience!

Sand, umbrellas, sea

Contact Wine Odyssey for pricing as each experience is customised and estimated according to the details of each journey.


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