Wineries in Northern Greece - West of Drama

Vineyards with history!

Wine touring in the plains of Falakro and Menikio

In the most bucolic scenery, surrounded by arid mountains but with a green backdrop, you will find the wineries that are located west of Drama.

You can start the Wine Tour by visiting a landmark of the area, Aggitis cave, the only explored river cave in Greece. There are prehistoric records of humans being present in the cave dating back thousands of years. A paved pathway "in the river" offers a magnificent view of the stalagmites and stalactites, which formed thousands of years ago. As the temperature in the cave is at 17 Celsius and humid during summer months you will need a light jacket.

Just 5 minutes away we have two wineries that have some great and important wines, but they are totally different from each other.

On one hand we have Ktima Pavlidis in the middle of its vines, a large winery that has proved itself for more than 20 years, with many wines well known to the Greek wine lovers. In this winery the tasting area is situated between the two cellars and is quite impressive!

On the other hand we have the newly established Oenops of Nikos Karatzas, a young and charismatic oenologist who “harvests” the grapes from the best producers around Greece and he produces wines of minimal intervention from local varieties and selected terroirs.

You might not be aware but Drama has excellent restaurants and tavernas in an area away from tourist traps, frequented by locals, and serving foods that are sourced locally. Try them, you won't be disappointed

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Whether you are looking for a scheduled wine tasting visit to a nearby vineyard or you want to experience a more adventurous day trip, find your personalised wine tour here and create a new lifetime memory!