Wineries in Northern Greece - Kavala

A wine journey to remember

Vineyards at the foothills of Mount Pangeon

Winery wandering in Kavala is never dull. It is in this legendary area of Pangeon Mountain where the gold and silver mines were famous since the 6th century BC and probably the reason Kavala exists in the first place, we start our wine tour at the famous Ktima Vivlia Chora. Here in 1998, Mr. Gerovassiliou and Mr. Tsaktsarlis planted the first vines that were meant to be the start of this renowned estate with awarded wines that have traveled thousands of miles to reach oenophiles all over the world. A beautiful edifice that dominates the surrounding vineyards and at the same time invites you in to visit the aging cellar and have a wine tasting in the special room by the oak barrels.

We continue by taking the scenic route towards the Aegean sea in order to reach Ktima Chatzigeorgiou where Vassilis continues the legacy of his grandfather. This special terroir caressed by the salty sea breeze gives wines with specific character. The winery which is surrounded by the vines, is cozy and welcoming and your tasting will take place in the inner yard overlooking the vineyards and the sea.

We continue on the scenic road that borders the sea, towards Mirtofito and Tsikrikonis Winery to meet Theodoris and the vines he inherited from his grandfather. In his vineyards he has succeeded to make superior wines from the local grape “Rozaki” and of course from Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Xinomavro. The rustic winery is amid the old Rozaki roots planted by grandpa. In the nearby village of Mirtofito the family has a very cozy and traditional guest house where you can spend the weekend and/or have a wine tasting.

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