Wineries in Northern Greece - East of Drama

Vineyards with history!

The vines between the mountains

impressive, precious. The archeologists found carbonized grape pips and their skins (5,000-2,500 BCE), this evidence indicates that the grapes had been pressed here since then.

There are many wineries worth visiting in the area and it’s a project that will take more than one or two days.

You can literally have a wine tour in this area as there are two ways to access the wine regions, one is through Amphipolis towards the vineyards situated east of Drama and the other is through Kavala towards the vineyards located south-west of the city. So you can enter from one side and leave from the other.

Let’s start from the pioneer Nico Lazaridi, the winery now is in the hands of his son and grandchildren who took over his legacy. Chateau Nico Lazaridi is located by the village of Agora, with an unrestricted view of the Magic Mountain (=Pangeon) which is also their signature wine. The wine tour begins in the art gallery, where we find all the art that was illustrated on the wine labels of Magic Mountain from different artists for more than 30 years now. Continuing to the impressive underground aging cellar, we see the actual “heart” of the vineyard, the soil itself that surrounds the oak barrels that lay here tranquil, just doing their precious work ! Only last year, a new modern building was added to the winery that serves as a wine shop.

A few minutes down the road you will not miss the impressive edifice that imitates the Macedonian mansions, this is Oenogenesis winery! Here two generations, father and son, Bakis and Alexandros, each one creates his wines according to his personality. They have different proposals for the tasting after the tour and if you book your tour some days in advance you may even order a delicious platter with local cheeses.

To end your day choose one of the many restaurants in Drama, the city is known for its good food ! Ask me for recommendations.

TIP: In all the wineries that I am mentioning, when you book your tasting you can ask for a platter of cheeses and/or cured meats to pair with the wines you taste, for an additional fee of course.

Don’t settle for the ordinary!
Experience the extraordinary!

Whether you are looking for a scheduled wine tasting visit to a nearby vineyard or you want to experience a more adventurous day trip, find your personalised wine tour here and create a new lifetime memory!