Wineries in Northern Greece - Amyndeo

Take a wine tour in Northern Greece and visit local and charming wineries

Vineyards amid the lakes and the mountains

On a very windy and chilly day I found myself in Amyndeon wine county. In the middle of the vineyards, the lakes of Petres and Vegoritida were almost grayish from the waves and clouds were roaming the horizon.

Alpha Estate needs no introduction ! The vineyards are situated in the area of Ampelia (=vines in Greek), which is no coincidence as the archeologists found traces of winemaking in a settlement near Petres village that was inhabited without interruption from the 4th to the 1st century BC. As the sois was appropriate for vine growing since then, they had also trade activities connected to it, as the city was in proximity of a main road and later with the ancient Egnatia Odos.

Nowadays the privately owned vineyards are being exploited using deeply eco-friendly growing methods by the experienced team of the estate, creating wines that charm the wine lovers all over the world. The proof is, the highly decorated wines in prestigious international wine competitions.

This vine-friendly area also hosts vineyards of Ktima Kir-Yianni at Agios Panteleimonas but to taste wines you have to visit Kir-Yianni at Giannakochori.

Nymfeo Walk & Arctouros Sanctuary

As an additional experience only 30 min drive from the estate, I would suggest visiting Nimfeo village. From March to November you can visit Arctouros Bear Sanctuary which is accessible via a beautiful paved pathway in the beech forest. If you want to continue your wildlife adventure, on your way down from the mountain at Agrapidia village, you will find the Linx & Wolf Sanctuary of Arctouros. If you ask me, definitely it is worth the detour!

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