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An extraordinary wine & tasting adventure in Metsovo

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If you're looking for wine tours off the beaten path, there are plenty of hidden gems and lesser-known wineries in Northern Greece that offer unique and authentic experiences and Metsovo is definitely one of them!!

Katogi Averoff Winery

You will be surprised that this area has one of the most historic wineries, founded by Evangelos Averoff when he first started making wines in his “katogi=basement”. When you visit the winery there is a small exhibition of his personal items and also the first labels he painted himself, which is not very different from the current one. The edifice is built in the traditional architecture of the area and the visiting areas are original and extraordinary . The tasting “bar” amid the quite dramatic “bottle installation” is indeed impressive. During the wine tasting take your time and really savor the wines made from the local and international varieties from the highest altitude vineyards of Greece. At the end of the tour you have a shop where you can buy not only wines and tsipouro (WOW !!!) but also Averoff’s books, local crafts and memorabilia.


Not a place for vegetarians ! Seriously…you can eat all day long, nothing else to report ! That's why a hike in the trails around the village is mandatory…

Culture & Hiking

You should not leave Metsovo before visiting Averoff’s Art Gallery. The permanent exhibition is a representative collection of 250 works by the greatest Greek artists of the last two centuries and is second only to the National Gallery in Athens ! and of course don’t forget the Folk Art Museum located in Tossizza’s ancestral home.

To stay in the area you can choose from Katogi Averoff Hotel, a cozy and beautiful hotel built adjacent to the winery, where they have amazing paintings in each room and all public spaces. There is also a selection of smaller hotels, and a big 5star hotel perched on the hill opposite the village.

Wherever you stay, you must take a small hike in the surrounding forest. The hiking trails are easy and marked and go through the forest of black and leucodermis pines.

A hidden gem in plain sight and at only 2h from Thessaloniki!

Don’t settle for the ordinary!
Experience the extraordinary!

Whether you are looking for a scheduled wine tasting visit to a nearby vineyard or you want to experience a more adventurous day trip, find your personalised wine tour here and create a new lifetime memory!