The 3 Best Wine Tours in Northern Greece

Find the best wine tour for you!

There is not a best wine tour! Each tour can be unique, offering different experiences tailored to each wine tourist.

Classifying wine tours in Northern Greece or anywhere else, is a business highly subjective, depending to a great extent on individual preferences. Some may seek a serene countryside experience, while others prefer a bustling winery scene. Whether it's a single winery visit or a multi-stop journey, the options are diverse. What truly matters is tailoring the wine tour to one's desires and relishing the delightful choices that Northern Greece has to offer.

When it comes to choosing the wine tour that is right for you, how do you choose?

For a truly immersive wine tour experience, set aside a full day with no prior commitments. Allocate 6-8 hours for the journey, as you wouldn't want to rush through the delightful tastings. Consider extending your car ride a bit to explore wineries tucked away in scenic mountains or regions less frequented by tourists. This allows you to uncover hidden gems and savor the essence of the local wine culture without the constraints of a tight schedule.

Absolutely, doing your homework before embarking on a wine tour is essential for a more enriching experience.

  1. Start by researching the wine regions of Northern Greece, possibly through resources like Wines of Greece and the Winemakers of North Greece association. Understand the topography of the region – whether it's situated in a plain, nestled in the foothills of a mountain, or close to the sea. This knowledge will provide insights into the unique terroir and characteristics of the wines produced there.

  2. With Greece boasting approximately 300 local grape varieties, it's a great idea to sample those specific to the area you're visiting. Explore the provided links to discover which grape varieties thrive in Northern Greece, enhancing your tasting journey with a deeper appreciation for the region's wine heritage.

What kind of wineries would you like to visit ? and what kind of wines would you like to taste?

Visiting family-run wineries in Northern Greece offers a truly authentic and intimate experience. The fact that these businesses are often passed down through generations adds a special touch to the journey and ensures a personal interaction with the winemaker. On the downside, most of them only welcome guests on weekdays.

As for the wines, the region's diverse offerings are enticing. Crispy whites, aromatic rosés, and full-bodied reds all beckon exploration. However, identifying the signature wine of the region, especially if it holds a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status, can be a highlight. Tasting these emblematic wines provides a deeper connection to the local wine culture and terroir.

How about enhancing the wine tour?

A delightful local meal, a cultural museum visit, or an adventurous hike in the nearby mountains can elevate the experience, creating a well-rounded day filled with wine, culture, and nature.

Advance planning enriches the wine touring experience. Trust me, besides being a wine tour professional, I am also an avid wine lover and enthusiast.

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Whether you are looking for a scheduled wine tasting visit to a nearby vineyard or you want to experience a more adventurous day trip, find your personalised wine tour here and create a new lifetime memory!